Cast iron cooked steak

Steak cooked in cast iron has become a requested favorite in our household.

The other night my husband and I were watching television together and the Burger King commercial for the Impossible Burger came on. I made the remark to him, "if those people think it tastes like a real burger, what kind of crap beef are they eating?"

Neither one of us could answer for those consumers, but it did make me stop and think about it.

I consider myself an evolved beef eater. I was raised eating beef. It came from the local butcher, and usually was tucked away in the freezer for use at a later date. I hardly remember not having a meal with some type of meat in it. It was mostly ground beef. We didn't have steak that often while I was still at home, and when we did it was cooked within an inch of its life. Sorry Dad, but you never perfected the grilling of good beef!

When I was in college, my parents sent packages of ground beef with us to school and we were never really without it. Plus our roommate brought her home raised beef with her and we all shared. When I was at K-State I grew to appreciate the $5.25 steak and potato a Rocky Ford Tavern. Even after college graduation, Mom and Dad still gave me some beef to keep me fed.

Once I was officially out on my own, my then boyfriend, now husband normally had a job that included a 1/2 a beef. There were a couple years where we had some of the best steaks I'd had in my life. I grew to appreciate a finely cooked steak eaten in front of the television with a cold beer.

Our last home raised beef was gone probably 2 years ago, and the Traeger grill took a dive off the porch in a 2018 thunderstorm, so I’ve had to adapt my beef purchases as well as my cooking habits. Grocery store ground beef and steaks have become the norm at my house. I purchased a cast iron pan and have learned how to cook steak and hamburgers in it. I've learned through trial and error what a good steak is.

I'm spoiled when it comes to good beef. It's expensive. I have to choose when I go to the store because I want to stretch my dollars. Do I want to splurge on that steak or do I want to find something else a little cheaper? Depends on my mood and my checkbook.

Back to the Impossible Burger. Is it appealing to consumers because it's cheaper than the real thing? I’ve heard grumblings of a $7 to $9 price tag just for the burger. Do they like it because it’s supposedly healthier than real beef? I think maybe I need to do some more research before I write about it any more.

Has anyone tried it? Is it worth it? I'm tempted to try it to see what all the hype is about, but I don't want to waste my $9 either. Time will tell how it does or if it's worth it. Is it worth it to you? Let me know!

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