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When Linda Hezel and her husband, Richard Moore, bought a family farm in Clay County, Missouri, in 1993, Hezel sought to provide her family with good nutrition and high-quality food.

Hezel, Ph.D., R.N., has a nursing background and was formerly an associate professor of nursing at University of Missouri-Kansas City. Her expertise continues to influence her decisions as a farm steward and artisanal producer.

“I taught health and ecology with a biologist at UMKC, and we connected health to biological principles,” she said.

“My background is community health nursing, and that's really about health and population, which fits perfectly into the concept of small-scale, urban agriculture. You know, it just works.”

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Shauna grew up on a farm in northwest Kansas and was an active 4-H and FFA member. She earned a bachelor's degree in agricultural education from Kansas State and a master's degree in agriculture and rural development from the University of Western Sydney, Australia. She and her family live in Spearville, Kansas.

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