It’s no surprise that President Donald Trump loves America. He also loves products made in America.


Last month, President Trump showcased just that on the White House South Lawn. On July 15, the president and businesses from 50 states celebrated “Made in America Day.”

One product in particular that may ring a bell for readers is the T-L irrigation pivot.

Hailing from Hastings, Nebraska, three T-L Irrigation representatives traveled to Washington with their irrigation pivot, which was prominently placed just to the side of the White House South Portico where President Trump made remarks to commemorate the 2019 Made in America Day and Made in America Week.

“We’re very honored to represent Nebraska and we feel it makes a lot of sense that we were the choice. Our state has more irrigated acres than any other state and all our pivots are exclusively manufactured right here in Nebraska—even those that end up at the White House,” said T-L Irrigation vice president John Thom in a news release.

T-L Irrigation is a three-generation family business that has been making pivots in Nebraska for nearly 65 years. T-L irrigation pivots are used in 80 countries worldwide. Three company representatives visited with the president to explain how the pivots work on a farm.

“I’ve seen T-L pivots in just about every situation—in corn fields, vegetable fields, irrigating tree crops, with mountains in the background, in other countries—but seeing one with the White House in the background, well that’s pretty much it, isn’t it,” said T-L president Dave Thom in a news release.

Another agricultural product showcased at the White House was Willamette Valley Vineyards from Turner, Oregon.

Other interesting “Made in America” products included duck calls from RNT Rich-N-Tone Calls from Arkansas, Backyard Jams and Jellies from Delaware, Tabasco hot sauce from Louisiana, Airstream RVs from Ohio, and barbecue grills by Dakota Grills from South Dakota.

The larger products, including the irrigation pivot and Lockheed Martin’s THAAD Missile Defense System from Maryland, were displayed outside on the South Lawn, while other smaller products were displayed inside the White House in a trade show fashion.

In President Trump’s proclamation of Made in America Day and Made in America Week, he said, “When we buy American-made products, we support the American workers who build them and we invigorate the American economy, driving job growth, spurring innovation, and bolstering the middle class. We have already witnessed the creation of more than 6 million new jobs since my election, and wages are rising at the highest pace in a decade.”

The proclamation goes on to say, “It is imperative that we keep investing in the industrious American workers, job creators, and inventors who always succeed at leading in innovation and ingenuity, and never fail to inspire the rest of the world. My administration will always back our American workers and manufacturers as they continue their hard work to keep the American economy strong and propel our nation toward a more prosperous future.”

Editor’s note: Seymour Klierly writes Washington Whispers for the Journal from inside the Beltway.

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