Jerry Nine

I am not for a lot of new laws but one law that I wish they would pass is to make it illegal to use a computer to call your phone. And a lot of these scammers even get a local number so they can even more so mislead the person answering the call.

Any generic taped caller I immediately hang up on but not without sharing a few cuss words to myself because no one else is on the phone. I wouldn’t have quite as much problem with it if they would hire a real person to call.

What a week. Last week with futures falling big time on May 30 and then later that day President Donald Trump announced his retaliation on Mexico for not stopping all these illegals coming through Mexico to the United States. He wants the wall so that he can say he accomplished that campaign promise and the others don’t want him to have it so he can’t say he did. I wished we could find politicians who would put America first instead of their political party and that is on both sides.

The one thought I would like all individual cattle feeders and independent feedlots or small corporate feedlots to consider do you like the situation you have with the packer and retailer and would you be willing to invest in something different?

I had to laugh on the story about the 94-year-old cowboy who had run over one of those cones that tell you where not to drive and had it stuck under the front of his pickup. I guess someone asked him about that and he said, “Well they put those dang things clear out in the middle of the road!”

One gal who sells cattle at the sale said, “I was going to bring you my cattle this week but my dad was talking to God and I think we have decided to wait til next week.” I said to her, “No offense but I have a little more faith in God than I do in your dad.”

A man was riding a train and across from him was a lady he had never seen. But every time he spoke to the person beside him he looked over at her and she smiled back. He finally said, “Ma’am, I notice every time I start talking to my friend I look over and you are smiling. Is it because you are single and interested in me?”

She said, “No, it’s because I am a dentist.”

Editor’s note: Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.

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