Jerry Nine

On April 8 the NCBA announced this message and said, “Thank you to the Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue and USDA for responding quickly to make sure cattle markets are fair and functioning.” Isn’t that special!

Some of you state organizations that follow them need to decide whether you are on their side or the rest of cattlemen who are out here trying to make a living. Would someone please start a petition that says they do not think NCBA should be getting part of the checkoff? Why do they deserve it when they are not for the normal everyday cattlemen.

It showed up on Twitter that PETA purchased stock in Hormel to pressure the company to produce only vegan meats. PETA has bought stock in six major companies that own slaughterhouses. It was quoted that PETA said they were buying so they can speak directly to the needs of the companies in their shareholder meetings. It was reported that PETA bought stock also in Tyson, Sanderson Farms, Maple Leaf Foods, Oscar Mayer’s parent company Kraft, Heinz and WH Group, owner of Smithfield.

Please get the world to President Donald Trump that we have to break up this monopoly on the packers if me and my friends can survive.

A friend of mine said when his kids were young they actually minded fairly well. He said he told both of kids, “I am going in to this vet store to get some medicine and I do not want you to get out of the pickup.” Then he said, ‘Do you hear me?”

The young boy said, “Yes, Dad, we hear you.” So when his dad got the medicine that he needed he headed out to the pickup.

He did see that his boy did mind and that he didn’t get out of the pickup. But his 4-year-old boy had to pee so he rolled the window down and was peeing out the window.

The dad said, “I couldn’t get on to him because he was doing what I told him to.”

Editor’s note: Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.

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