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Feature Story

Post-flooding soil restoration with cover crops

By Brent Jones, Sales and Iowa Research Farm Manager for Grassland Oregon

As row crop and hay producers throughout the country navigate the recovery process from this spring and summer’s excessive flooding, attention is needed for what is happening below ground.

During extended periods of water saturation or debris coverage, plants are typically killed or damaged from suffocation due to oxygen not reaching the root zone. While plant loss is the immediate cause for concern, oxygen depletion and plant death can lead to significant long-term production impacts from a change in the soil biology.

One of the main drivers of soil health is a mutually beneficial relationship between soil microorganisms and plant root systems.  Read more

Soil Health U Expert Insight

Soil Health U 2019-Nick Vos

Nick Vos operates Vos Farms in Hugoton, Kansas. At Soil Health U 2019, he discussed the problems caused by over-fertilization of fields. Plan now to attend Soil Health U and Trade Show 2020, which is set for Jan. 22-23 in Salina, Kansas.


More Soil Health News

Albert Sommers selected for 2019 Kurt Bucholz Conservation Award

The Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust is happy to announce that Albert Sommers of Pinedale will be the recipient of the 2019 Kurt Bucholz Conservation Award. Sommers is being recognized for his exceptional support of agricultural land conservation, private property and water rights. Read more

University of Wyoming students see opportunities for soil health back home

By Tanya Engel, University of Wyoming Extension

The idea was conceived while sitting at a table drinking coffee and chatting about a recently released request for proposals funded by United States Agency for International Development to conduct international studies in Feed the Future countries. Feed the Future is a U.S. government global hunger and food security initiative. More information can be found at www.feedthefuture.gov. Read more

The Fertilizer Institute collaborates with Soil Health Partnership

To better enable the Soil Health Partnership to fully leverage its unique data set, SHP established Data Supporters as a new sponsorship level. The Fertilizer Institute recently joined this group of SHP supporters, providing funds to analyze data collected from our partner farms. Read more

Understanding the connection between skin and soil health

Provided by South Dakota Soil Health Coalition

As the summer weather throughout South Dakota really begins to shine, it is important for farmers, ranchers, gardeners, and the general public to examine how to protect not only their own health but the health of the soils around them. Soils are alive, home to a multitude of biological organisms and processes that, similar to the surface of our own body, when properly protected allow for an immensely productive ecosystem to thrive within and beneath their surfaces. Read more

Finalists selected for Kansas Leopold Conservation Award

Four finalists have been selected for the prestigious 2019 Kansas Leopold Conservation Award. Read more


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