Let’s talk about planning ahead. 


As farmers, I know most of you have had a year, so far, that feels completely out of control. Mother Nature has dealt us quite a blow and just when you think things are “back to normal” something else happens. 

It’s not a good feeling. 

But let’s take back some control. Let’s develop a strategy of matters that are in your control that will have a positive influence on your bottom line. Join us for Wheat U and Sorghum U, a free event sponsored by IntelliFarms and High Plains Journal held Aug. 14, in Mulvane, Kansas, just south of Wichita. 

As long-time readers know, High Plains Journal has held several education events over the past few years and Wheat U and Sorghum U are the longest running programs. Knowing the two crops are often found on the same farm and knowing how valuable your time is, we’ve decided to combine those two events under the same roof on the same day. 

With educational sessions targeted to wheat growers, sorghum growers and sessions for both, producers can develop a strategy that will allow them to take control and plan for profit. But the goal is the same—we want wheat and sorghum producers can take home real-world, practical solutions that can have a definite influence on their bottom line. 

The sessions include: 

Market intelligence for the future: Market intelligence helps producers plan ahead for influences on grain markets that are out of a producer’s control. Arlan Suderman has years of experience working with farmers and helping them understand the markets. From late planting problems this spring to trade wars to African Swine Fever, Suderman will give producers an outlook that will help them make sound decisions. 

Making the “grain chain” work for you: Throughout his career, Brian Stevenson has contributed to each facet of the grain value chain. Stevenson has experience in merchandising grain and securing quality grains for a Fortune 500 baking and snack company. Stevenson will help growers understand what processors, merchandisers and grain buyers are looking for, thus enabling producers to grow to full potential. 

Risk management for wheat and sorghum growers: Solving production issues can often be easier to solve than wading through the uncertainty of marketing a wheat crop. Brady Huck will provide real world action items wheat producers can take home to market their future and current crops.

Lessons in wheat production: Learning from the lessons of the previous season, Romulo Lollato will walk wheat producers through the latest practical research that they can take back to their farms in the coming year to improve their yield and quality production goals.

Growing forage sorghum for profit: Jourdan Bell will give tips on growing forage sorghum varieties and share data she’s gleaned from her research trials in the Texas panhandle. She’ll show how forage sorghum can be a money-making crop for those who farm near large dairy or feedlot operations.

Working with your lender:  Now more than ever, farmers need to work on developing their relationships with ag lenders. Come hear from an ag lender about how we got into this recent farm economy downturn and what farmers and ag lenders can do going forward to ensure the fiscal stability and well-being of their farming operations. 

Making “cents” of blockchain technology: Terry Griffin’s research and Extension programs have been focused on “big data” and how it might help farmers capture more value from their efforts. Part of that big data conversation is Blockchain Technology and how it can benefit growers up and down the grain chain.

Making cropping systems work for you: There are as many ways to grow a crop of wheat or sorghum as there are farmers in the world. Hear from Kent Martin how tweaking your cropping system can not only help your farmland, but also your farm’s bottom line.

To register for this free event visit www.hpj.com/suwu. I’ll see you there!

Holly Martin can be reached at 1-800-452-7171, ext. 1806, or hmartin@hpj.com.

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