For the week ending Oct. 11, USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service reported the following state hay updates:

Colorado—Trade activity and demand light to moderate. According to the NASS Colorado Crop Progress report for week ending Oct. 6, stored feed supplies were rated 2% short, 85% adequate, and 13% surplus with 3rd cutting alfalfa progress at 95% harvested and 4th cutting at 48% harvested.

Iowa—Most producers have already harvested their last cutting of alfalfa. The prices on lower quality hay has slipped, which may be the result of the quantity of this less desirable product. Livestock growers are continuing to look for top quality dairy hay and bedding.

Kansas—Hay market trade was slow, demand was slow, and prices steady.

Missouri—There was still some haying going on early in the week in southern Missouri before rains arrived. Hay supplies are moderate, demand is light and prices are steady to weak.

Montana—Alfalfa hay sold fully steady. Moderate market activity was seen again this week. Demand for hay selling out of the state continues to be good with several loads headed east this week to Iowa and Minnesota. Local hay sales were good this week as well with some ranchers buying hay in rounds however prices remain steady.

Nebraska—Compared to last week all reported forages sold steady. Demand was light to moderate with good demand noted for ground and delivered hay especially in places of the state where they are expecting snow the next few days.

New Mexico—Compared to last week, alfalfa hay large bales prices steady. Trade limited, demand moderate. Regions in the 5th or 6th cutting. Rain reported in some of the hay producing areas.

Oklahoma—Alfalfa and hay trade continues extremely slow but prices remain steady. Due to the very wet spring and early summer, many producers didn’t get that high quality first cutting of hay. Demand is very good for this hay but supplies are just not there. Demand is limited for any hay that is less than good quality.

South Dakota—Alfalfa hay steady to firm, grass not well tested. Very good demand for alfalfa in large square bales from out of state buyers, demand more moderate from in state buyers.

Texas—Hay trades were mostly steady to firm. Trading activity moderate on light demand. A wide variety of hay quality is on the market from sporadic weather events across all regions. Large varieties in quality have effected hay pricing and demand.

Wyoming—Compared to last week hay sold steady. Demand was moderate to good. Some produces are cutting third and fourth alfalfa figuring it will be almost impossible to cut it after the snow falls and mats it down.

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