In Nebraska, Compared to last week all reported forages sold steady. Demand was moderate for baled hay with very good demand for alfalfa pellets, according to the USDA Market News Service, May 24. Prices given on a per-ton basis unless otherwise noted.

Eastern/central—Good alfalfa, large squares, $160-$200, large rounds, $115. Premium grass hay, large rounds, $100-$110, small squares, $160-$170; good, large rounds, $85-$95. Good brome, large rounds, $90/bale; small squares, $6.50-$7/bale. Cornstalks, large rounds, $52.50.

Platte Valley—Good alfalfa, large rounds, $105. Standing hay price, mostly $70-$75, instances $80. Ground and delivered alfalfa, $140-$160. Ground and delivered alfalfa-stubble mix, $130-$145. Ground and delivered cornstalks, $95-$110. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets, 15% protein, $220. Dehydrated alfalfa pellets, 17% protein, $240.

Western—Good alfalfa, large squares, $160, large rounds, $130-$140, $150-$160 delivered. Ground and delivered alfalfa, $153-$158. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets, 15% protein, $255.

In South Dakota, compared to last week, hay prices remained steady with few sales. Very good demand for all types of hay and bedding.

East River—Premium alfalfa, large squares, $200-$210; good, large squares, $180-$190; fair, large squares, $150-$160; large rounds, $140-$165; utility, large rounds, $115-$128. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets, 15% protein, $240; 17% protein, $250. Alfalfa meal, 17% protein, $255. Good grass, large rounds, $140-$150. Good alfalfa/grass mix, large rounds, $150-$175. Straw, large rounds, $110, large squares, $135-$150. Corn stalks, no reported sales.

West River—Alfalfa, no reported sales. Grass, no reported sales. Alfalfa/Grass Mix, no reported sales.

In Iowa, hay offerings continued to be tight this past week.

Supreme alfalfa, small squares, $320, large squares, $250-$340; premium, large rounds,$180. Good alfalfa/grass, small squares, $210-$250, large squares, $240-$260; fair small squares, $170-$200. Premium grass, large squares, $310; good, large rounds, $210-$245; fair large rounds, $170-$200; utility large rounds, $ 60-$160. Corn stalks, large rounds, $105-$115. Wheat straw, large square, $170-$200, large rounds, $120. Rye, small squares, $200, large rounds, $120.

In Wyoming, compared to last week all reported forages sold steady on a thin test.

Eastern—Good alfalfa, large rounds, $150-$160, delivered. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets, 15% protein, $255.

Central/western—Premium alfalfa, small squares, $200-$215; good, small squares, $165. Certified weed seed free alfalfa cubes, bulk, $230-$240, bagged, $270-$280.

In Colorado, due to typical light seasonal trade activity, reporting of this market will resume when activity warrants. Coverage will resume typically early June to mid-June 2019.

In Missouri, the supply of hay is light, demand is light and prices are steady to weak. No report was issued for the week ending May 23. This is the report from May 17.

Supreme alfalfa, RFV <185, $185-$225, small squares, $7-$9/bale; premium, RFV 170-180, $170-$200; good, RFV 150-170, $120-$160, small squares, $5-$7/bale; fair, RFV 130-150, $100-$125. Good mixed grass hay, $100-$125, small squares, $5-$8/bale (some alfalfa/grass mix); fair/good, $75-$100, small squares, $4-$6/bale; fair, large rounds, $40-$75/bale. Good brome, $120-$150; fair/good, $60-$100. Wheat hay, large rounds, $40-$60/bale. Wheat straw, small squares, $3-$6/bale.

In Oklahoma, alfalfa trade and movement remains very light as rain and storms continue to impede haying activities. Demand was moderate to good for first cutting alfalfa.

Central—Premium alfalfa, new crop, last reported, $200. Grass hay, old crop, no sales confirmed.

Eastern—No recent sales of alfalfa confirmed. Mixed grass hay, 4 x 5 bales, $55-$65/bale.

Western—Premium alfalfa, new crop, large squares, $195-$200. New crop bunk hay, $160. Wheat hay, new crop, $80-$90, mostly $85. Good, mixed grass, rounds, $90-$110. Mixed grass, 5 x 5 1/2 to 5 x 6 bales, $55-$70/bale.

In Texas, hay traded fully steady on light to moderate demand.

Panhandle/High Plains—Premium/supreme alfalfa, large squares, delivered, $260-$270, small bales, $297-$330, $9-$10 per bale.; good/premium, $225-$265. Ground alfalfa, delivered to feedlots, average, $210-$220. Calf hay, $230-$235.

Good/premium coastal bermuda, large bales, delivered, $160-$240, small bales delivered, $360, $11/bale.

Bearded wheat, large bales, delivered, $145. Sudan, large bales, delivered, $110-$115

Far west/Trans Pecos—Premium/supreme alfalfa small squares, delivered local or FOB, $290, $8-$9/bale; large squares, FOB, $250-$280.

North/central/east—Premium/supreme alfalfa, large squares, delivered, $290-$310.

Good/premium coastal bermuda, small squares, FOB, $297-$330, $9-$10/bale; large rounds, FOB, $120, $60/roll; fair/good, $90-$120, $45-$60/bale.

South—Good/premium coastal bermuda, small squares, FOB, $264-$297, $8-$9/bale; large rounds, FOB and delivered locally, $100-$120, $50-$60/; fair/good, $165-$264, $5-$8/bale; roll.

In New Mexico, compared to last week, alfalfa hay large bales prices steady to 20 lower. Trade moderate to active, demand good.

Eastern—Premium/supreme alfalfa, large Squares, $230-$245; good, delivered, $215-$230. Wheat hay, delivered from out of state, $180-$190; ground, $178.

Southeast—Premium/supreme alfalfa, small squares, bundled (21 bales), two tie, $300 loaded on truck. Wheat hay, 3 x 3 x 4 large bales, $190.

South/southwest—Premium/supreme alfalfa, large squares, 3 x 3 x 4, $200-$220; good, $180-$200, delivered to dairies. Premium/supreme alfalfa, small bales, $9-$11/bale FOB. Wheat hay, large bales, $160-$200, small bales, two tie, $4.50/bale. Oat hay, $160-$180/ton.

North central—Premium/supreme alfalfa, small squares,three tie, $19/bale, two tie, $13/bale.

In Minnesota, prices were generally steady.

Supreme alfalfa, small squares, $395, large rounds, $205-$225; premium, large rounds,$180-$200; good, large rounds, $155; utility, large rounds, $50.

Premium grass, large rounds, $190-$220; good, large rounds, $165-$185; fair, large rounds, $155.

Premium alfalfa/grass mix, large rounds, $225; fair, large rounds, $135. Straw, scarce.

In Montana, alfalfa hay in rounds sold generally steady. Hay sales were light this week.

Supreme alfalfa, small squares, $200-$250; premium, small squares, $200; good, large rounds, $90-$100. Fair/good, large rounds, $75-$100, small squares, $125-$140; utility, large rounds, $70-$80. Fair grass/alfalfa, large rounds, $75-$90. Good grass, large rounds, $110; fair, large rounds, $75-$85; utility; large rounds, $65-$70. Premium timothy, small squares, $225-$240; good, small squares, $160-$180. Barley, large squares, $40-$45. Straw, large rounds, $40-$45. Wheat straw, SCMT, large squares, $35-$40; NCMT, large squares, $35-$40.

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