AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. Neodesha, Kansas, a provider of UAVs and advanced aerial imagery, data collection and analytics solutions, and the Kansas Department of Commerce in association with the Greater Wichita Partnership, has announced that AgEagle will locate and expand its manufacturing operations in Wichita, Kansas.

The company worked with the Kansas Department of Commerce to secure incentives as it evaluated locations in two different states.

Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple stated, “Widely known as the ‘Air Capital of the World,’ Wichita is delighted to now count AgEagle among the long list of leading aircraft manufacturing companies which call our great city home. AgEagle’s leadership in the emerging drone market makes them an ideal and exciting complement to our region’s long legacy of giving flight to pioneering innovation in aeronautical technologies; so we are thrilled to welcome them to our community.”

David Toland, Cabinet Secretary of the Kansas Department of Commerce, added, “AgEagle is a prime example of the sort of cutting-edge technology we’re proud to create in Kansas. Wichita is the undisputed Air Capital of the World, and its culture of innovation in aerospace technology makes this a perfect fit. Congratulations to AgEagle on its decision to grow in Kansas.”

“On behalf of everyone at AgEagle, I am very appreciative of the tremendous enthusiasm and support that the State of Kansas has committed to our company as we continue to evolve and expand our drone hardware manufacturing, assembly and testing operations. After evaluating locations in two different states, choosing to locate our manufacturing facility in Wichita was a decision based on our desire to tap the region’s world-class engineering and aeronautical talent pool, low-cost real estate advantages and high quality of life for our workforce. The incentive package awarded to us made our decision that much easier, and will help empower AgEagle to ultimately hire, train and employ a Wichita-based workforce that will continue to grow over the next five years,” noted J. Michael Drozd, CEO of AgEagle.

Concluding, Drozd noted, “We expect to soon announce details relating to our final decision on the Wichita-based manufacturing and office space to which we will be moving and the anticipated timetable for our official move.”

Founded in 2010 and based in Kansas, AgEagle has earned distinction as one of the industry’s leading pioneers of technologically advanced drones and aerial imagery-based data collection and analytics solutions that are trusted to help the world’s growers, consumer packaged goods companies and their supply chain partners to proactively assess and manage the health of commercial crops, reduce the chemicals in produced foods and products and preserve and protect natural resources.

In addition, it is on the leading edge of providing state and territorial departments of agriculture, growers and processors with registration, oversight, compliance and enforcement, and reporting solutions relating to the United States’ emerging hemp cultivation industry. In late 2019, AgEagle began pursuing expansion opportunities within the emerging drone logistics and transportation market with the manufacture and assembly of UAVs designed to meet specifications for drones that are meant to carry packaged goods in urban and suburban areas.

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