GoBob Pipe and Steel Sales, Mounds, Oklahoma, has introduced the Cattle Flow line of cattle working equipment. Cattle Flow Elite Convertible squeeze chute is a reimagined concept, to the old-style chute, that helps to reduce the stress on cattle. The Cattle Flow Elite line has implemented features that lower the stress on the animal. The added weight helps to soften the sound of the moving mechanisms. The Cattle Flow Elite Convertible has a parallel squeeze of 30 inches down to 6 inches. Standard with the Elite is the heavy-duty head restraint and the head gate that can be operated anywhere alongside the squeeze chute. Each side of the unit consists of the neck injection doors, large branding doors that can be completely removed and reversed, built in palpation cage with bump doors and escape doors with bottom-access foot doors. It also includes the sliding rear gate, which makes it safer for the handler while in the palpation cage. The Cattle Flow Elite Convertible weighs 2800 pounds. The Cattle Flow Limited standard squeeze chute weighs anywhere from 1650 to 1970 pounds, depending on selected options. The Cattle Flow Elite Hydraulic weighs 3400 pounds. This is essentially the same unit as the Cattle Flow Elite Convertible but with the hydraulic features. The hydraulic system is powered by either a 13-horsepower Honda gas engine or 5-horsepower electric motor. In addition the Competitor V-Squeeze and the V-Squeeze XL squeeze chutes are also new. The standard V-Squeeze features an automatic head gate although a producer can get a manual, if he prefers, for no additional charge. The V-Squeeze XL comes 6 inches taller than the standard and it is the only portable model for the Competitor series. The XL also comes with a very unique feature of panel racks on all four corners of the chute. This feature allows the operator to haul their portable corral panels along with the chute in one trip. For more information, see a dealer or visit www.gobobpipe.com.

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