With the success of the ServiTech Bridge platform for growers and cooperative owners during the 2019 season, ServiTech is excited to bring forward the next in-field solution through the Bridge platform—360° Agronomy Service.

The 360° Agronomy Service brings together the precision elements already available in Bridge, including soil moisture sensors, crop modeling, weather modeling and aerial imagery. However, the 360° Agronomy Service also provides the missing element from other ag technology platform solutions. ServiTech, based in Dodge City, Kansas, brings hundreds of years of in field agronomy expertise deployed to the field precisely when needed.

“We know that we have a uniquely talented group of agronomists at ServiTech,” Ryan Hassebrook, director of business development, said. “We owe it to our owners, existing customers and the countless potential customers out there to bring that agronomic talent to as many acres as possible. The 360° Agronomy Service allows us to do that.”

Growers who subscribe to the 360° Agronomy Service will receive eight in-field visits from a certified ServiTech agronomist. Several of the visits are pre-planned to hit key growth stages including emergence, post-emergence weed recommendations, tassle, post-tassel and stalk evaluation. Other checks will be deployed as needed based on the field intelligence received from sensors and imagery.

“I have not seen another platform out there that can bring the level of agronomic expertise of ServiTech along with a robust in-field sensing program,” Hassebrook said. “It’s truly an exciting moment for ServiTech and everyone else involved.”

ServiTech owners will have the opportunity to be resellers of this program and offer it directly to their patrons as well. Through a white-labeled Bridge site, owners can still manage their grower relationships and be the face of the service. However, their patrons will have the first, limited opportunity to deploy the 360° Agronomy Service.

“This service is only the start of what we can do with the Bridge platform,” Hassebrook said. “Its launch is limited for 2020, but our efforts through Bridge with this service are only the beginning.”

For more information, call 800-557-7509 or visit www.servitech.com.

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