John Deere

John Deere 6M tractors, one of the company’s most versatile tractor series in the 110 to 195 horsepower range, is getting a significant makeover for 2020. The eight cab models of the 6M tractors will feature improvements in comfort, visibility, maneuverability and technology not previously available in the mid-spec 6 tractors, which are ideal for handling a variety of loader and PTO-driven operations. John Deere has updated the cab comforts for all 6Ms to include new styling and a digital corner post display for improved visibility of machine functions, as well as options of a panoramic roof and more ergonomic controls. In addition, two models, the 6110M and 6120M, have been redesigned with a 94.5-inch wheel base that’s 7 inches shorter with a sloped hood that provides an 18-foot front view distance for improved visibility for loader work. Also, Deere has added the 140-horsepower 6140M model to the lineup. Other optional features include a compact CommandARM for fingertip machine and implement control; up to four electronic selective control valves; and front hitch and PTO for mounting and operating front-end equipment. The new PowrReverser button on the joystick allows operators to change direction of travel without taking their hands off the steering wheel or loader joystick, and the optional hydraulic remote implement latch makes switching loader attachments easier and faster without leaving the cab. New technology also is available on the 6M models for customers who want the precision guidance, telematics and other features often found in larger or higher spec tractors. This includes factory-installed AutoTrac guidance, available for the first time on the small-frame models. For more information, see a dealer or visit

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