Bobby Kerr will perform during each night of the Buffalo Bill Rodeo in North Platte. The Texas man competed in the Mustang Makeover twice. Now those horses entertain rodeo fans across the nation. (Photo by Hubbell Photography.)

Buffalo Bill Rodeo attendees are in for a treat at the rodeo in North Platte this June.

Bobby Kerr and his Mustang Act will entertain during each night of the rodeo June 12-15.

Kerr, of Hico, Texas, brings his unique team of American Mustangs and cow dogs to North Platte, to inspire the audience with his display of courage and trust.

Kerr participated in two seasons of the Mustang Makeover, finishing in the top five with every horse he trained.

The Extreme Mustang Make-over is a 100-day contest where horse trainers from across the country train a wild mustang that has never been touched by humans. In those 100 days, the trainer is to gentle, halter break and saddle train, plus build trust and develop a relationship with the horse.

Then he turned those horses into a rodeo act.

A horse trainer in the cutting and performance horse worlds, Kerr also trained mustangs in the Mustang Million in 2013, which was a mini-series on NatGeo Wild. He finished second on one mustang in the million dollar contest and third on another horse.

“And that got it going,” Kerr said.

He will bring four of his mustangs—Poncho, Trigger, Newt and Little Frosty—to North Platte. He drives his car (the “Good N Broke limo”) into the arena, with his dogs on the hood. He sends a dog to the gate to bring a mustang to him. On the mustangs, he shows horsemanship and what the animal is able to do such as make lead changes, spin and jump over the car while the running boards are on fire and Kerr shoots guns.

At his whistle command, a dog jumps up onto the horse with Kerr, and he and a second dog do a cutting event working with his mustang to demonstrate the horse’s athleticism and ability to handle cattle. The dog works as the “cow” with the mustang separating the dog from the other dog. Then a third horse comes into the arena, working at liberty—with voice commands only—from Kerr. As Kerr leaves the arena, he signals one of his mustangs to jump into his vehicle with him and they drive out.

It’s an act he loves to perform. People love the mustangs and the dogs, and he loves to show the public the adaptability and intelligence of the mustangs. He loves what the horses have taught him. “They’ve changed my whole outlook on training horses,” he said. “I seem to get along with them, buddy up to them and get a lot out of them.”

He’s entertained at rodeos and equine events across the nation from the Ft. Worth, Texas, rodeo, to the 2018 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, and from the Reno (Nevada) Rodeo to the Road to the Horse event in Lexington, Kentucky. He and his horse Poncho have even been on Good Morning America.

Kerr will perform during each night of the Buffalo Bill Rodeo June 12 to 15. The rodeo starts at 8 p.m. each night at the Wild West Arena in North Platte.

Tickets for the rodeo can be purchased at the NebraskalandDays office, online at NebraskalandDays.com and at the gate. For more information, visit the website or call the office at 308-532-7939.

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