With two successful national shows under their belt, the National Ranch and Stock Horse Alliance announces it is accepting applications for new members.

“The goal of the alliance when it started was to grow into a large group of like-minded associations across the country that wanted to preserve and promote ranching heritage through competitive ranch and stock horse events with similar rules and scoring,” said NRSHA President Charles Pellham. “Now that we have our feet on the ground and two national championship shows behind us, we feel it’s time to broaden our scope and take on new partners in the alliance.”

Organizations interested in joining the alliance must be a non-profit, use a 70-based scoring system and offer a variety of ranch horse classes, including cattle classes. They must also adhere to the mission and philosophy of the alliance. Additional details for admission are included on the application.

“The ranch horse industry is growing by leaps and bounds. We feel that coming together for the good of the ranch horse is a win-win for all involved.”

Benefits for organizations to join the alliance include a nationwide ranch horse show calendar allowing riders to search for ranch horse shows in their area. Riders competing at NRSHA-partner shows can also qualify for the NRSHA National Championship Show. As a strategic marketing alliance partner with AQHA, partner organizations can also turn in major accomplishments and earnings each year to be posted on the show records of horses registered with AQHA.

To apply for membership in the Alliance, organizations should fill out the application at https://ranchhorse.net/member_organizations.asp.

The National Ranch and Stock Horse Alliance is comprised of six ranch/stock horse partner associations—East Coast Stock Horse Association, National Versatility Ranch Horse Association, Oklahoma Stock Horse Association, Stock Horse of Texas, Western States Versatility Ranch Horse Association and the American Quarter Horse Association.

More information about NRSHA can be found at www.ranchhorse.net.

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