The National Brown Swiss Convention was recently held in conjunction with the Ayrshire Association in Buffalo, New York. The convention had a great turn out with 202 of breeders in attendance, 22 states represented, and 2 countries present. The attendees of the National Convention enjoyed farm and winery tours, spectacular views of Niagara Falls, and the company of fellow breeders and enthusiasts.

President Richard Sparrow outlined the important topics discussed at the board meeting. Inter-breed cooperation will be essential going forward in the everchanging dairy industry. We will be reaching out to others for ideas and discussion on these goals. Executive Secretary Norman Magnussen stressed the importance of data exchange between breeders, testing associations, CDCB, A.I. companies and the Association. Data in is data out.

Outgoing directors, Jeff Kennedy, Pennsylvania, and Carol Regusci, California, were honored for their 6 years of service on the board. New directors Joy Widerman, Pennsylvania, and Brian Pacheco, California, were elected for a 3-year term.

One of the highlights of convention was the Individual Herd and Production Awards. A total of 13 different breeders were presented with these honors. The number of young cows receiving the individual awards were very impressive to go along with the tremendous lifetime production awards. The Brown Swiss Association presented the following awards to producers in High Plains Journal’s readership area: J.P. Eves Trophy—Tanner Mashek, Calmar, Iowa; H.R. Searles Trophy—Dennis Mashek, Calmar, Iowa; White Cloud Award—Dennis Mashek, Calmar, Iowa; Progress Genetic Herd Award—Double W Farm Dairy, Holyoke, Colorado; Protein Genetic Herd Awards—Roger & Lori Read & Family, Lyle, Minnesota.

The Brown Swiss Association has always emphasized the youth programs. The youth programs are funded by proceeds from the Fun and Silent Auction. We are happy to announce $12,267 was raised at this year’s National Convention. The Junior awards that were presented included the Brown Swiss Association Scholarship to Kendra Waldenberger, Spring Grove, Minnesota.

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