This Veterans Day, to honor its employees who have served in any branch of the military, National Beef Packing Company, LLC, Kansas City, Missouri, (National Beef) is making a $50 donation in honor of each to Mission 22, an organization working to end veteran suicide through awareness and treatment. 

National Beef has a longstanding commitment to veterans’ support initiatives. This year’s observance will take place in 12 cities, building on what was originally proposed as a local effort at National Beef’s Hummels Wharf, Pennsylvania, facility and adopted across the entire company in 2018. 

“As a National Beef employee and combat veteran, it’s rewarding to work for a company that understands the issues faced by fellow service members,” said Ward Allen, Jr., a Marine Corps veteran with three military tours and a supervisor at National Beef Leathers in St. Joseph, Missouri. “The recognition of the service of National Beef employees who’ve served our country, as well as the donation to the important work of Mission 22, brings awareness to an important cause. I hope it also reduces stigma and encourages more treatment for those in need." 

“What started as a way to recognize employees who not only serve our company, but also our country, has become something that allows National Beef and the communities we call home to rally around a cause,” said Terry Wilkerson, himself a former Army Sergeant and now executive vice president of operations for National Beef. “It’s been rewarding to see the anticipation for this year’s event as we celebrate and appreciate these employees and their fellow service members.”

“National Beef continues to be a supportive partner, providing a life-saving gift of more than $13,000 to the men and women served by Mission 22,” said Diane McCall, public relations director for Mission 22. “Post-traumatic stress treatment is a huge need for veterans, and the donation from National Beef in honor of its employees helps us meet that need.”

National Beef will also present its military veteran employees with a commemorative Mission 22 coffee mug and fly a Mission 22 flag on Veterans Day as a token of gratitude for their service to the country and commitment to National Beef.

National Beef Packing Company, has operations in Liberal, Dodge City, and Kansas City, Kansas; Tama, Ohio; Hummels Wharf, Pennsylvania; Moultrie, Georgia; North Baltimore, Ohio and St. Joseph, Missouri.

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