Iowa Egg Council offers financial support to Iowa State research farm

The Iowa Egg Council has pledged an additional $150,000 to the Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Teaching and Research Farm at Iowa State University. The new commitment extends the Council’s original pledge of $1.5 million by one year. This financial support from the Iowa Egg Council has helped add educational opportunities for students and other visitors to learn about poultry production. One feature of the new facility is a poultry-viewing window to showcase the different housing systems for the birds. There also is a dedicated poultry rearing area where the students can interact with and raise chicks and pullets. Educational infographics were added on the walls in the atrium to serve as a teaching aid explaining the various housing types, nutritional qualities of eggs and more.Funded solely through private support, the Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Teaching and Research Facility was built in 2019 approximately three miles southwest of Iowa State’s main campus. It is located on the university’s teaching farm complex, which also includes the beef, sheep and swine teaching units. The poultry unit is currently used for teaching and research activities with layers, broilers and other avian species. (Photo courtesy of Iowa State University.)

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