James Anthony “Tony” Manning, 36, turned himself in to the Coryell County Jail on two counts of theft of livestock, according to Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Special Ranger Marvin Wills. Both counts are third-degree felonies.

Wills said Manning was a day worker for the victim, who ranches in Coryell County. On two occasions, Manning delivered cattle to public livestock markets, at the direction of his client. Each time, he consigned part of the cattle in his own name without the owner’s permission or knowledge. The Coryell County criminal investigation department assisted Wills in the investigation.

Manning is in the Coryell County Jail on two $10,000 bonds set by Justice of the Peace Coy Latham. The suspect also faces charges of possession of a controlled substance and felon in possession of a firearm. These charges are being handled by the Coryell County Sheriff’s Department, Wills said.

A repeat offender, Manning was previously convicted of theft of livestock, a third-degree felony, in Coryell County in September 2015. He was sentenced to four years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Wills would like to remind cattle raisers to not grow complacent and allow employees, contract workers or haulers load and ship cattle without supervision. He also strongly encourages them to brand and/or earmark all animals and register the identifiers at the county clerk’s office in each county in which they operate and run cattle.

“Ear tags are not enough,” Wills said. “They are easily removed and discarded, so they just keep your neighbors honest.”

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