Oklahoma State University Department of Animal and Food Sciences in Stillwater, Oklahoma, is initiating a new research cow herd and they are using Beefmaster genetics as their crossbreeding tool. The research effort, led by Ryan Reuter, will focus on precision ranching for improved long-term sustainability of ranches in Oklahoma and the southern Plains.

OSU is currently seeking quality, problem-free, moderate framed Beefmaster influenced females of any age that are either purebred Beefmaster or Beefmaster x Red Angus breeding that can be delivered to Stillwater between now and May 2020. Donors would be eligible for a tax deduction for the value of the donated animal.

This is a tremendous opportunity for the Beefmaster breed to become a part of a leading agricultural university’s quest to build a premier Beefmaster herd. In addition to their use in the OSU research program, this herd will be used to teach students about ranch and grazing management, precision technology, and will be the subject of numerous tours and field days in the future.

To serve as background to this project; Beefmaster breeder Joe Kreger, an OSU alumnus and managing partner of Kreger Ranch, began a dialogue with department head Clint Rusk, a few years ago with the concept of including Beefmaster genetics in beef cow research at OSU. Joe Kreger, along with Beefmaster Breeders United Executive Vice President Collin Osbourn and BBU President Bob Siddons, toured the OSU ranch near Stillwater with Reuter and in that meeting a general concept was developed to include Beefmaster genetics in Reuter’s range nutrition research. The goal of this partnership is to create cutting edge grazing research involving Beefmaster genetics, as well as many other levels of advanced beef cattle production educational content. Joe Kreger, Wes Hood and Bruce Robbins are leading efforts to assist BBU and OSU in sourcing this cow herd.

For more information about this project contact the BBU staff members at 210-732-3132 if you have questions about making cattle donations or getting involved in the OSU Beefmaster research herd. Producers are also welcomed to personally contact Hood, Robbins or Kreger with their questions and donations.


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