I feel like I have just about worn out my complaining about COVID. I have had family members get sick and have had relatives die. It seems plain and simple that it makes sense to protect yourself the best you can. I am taking all of my supplements: zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D3, elderberry, etc. My close family members say I have worn out my welcome with my coaching efforts to stay safe.

I am not sure what there is about COVID that has us so divided. If no one cares for my information, I say ignore it. I wear a mask or stay home, because I choose to.

I’m only offering information and that is the extent of it. Why do people have to be so hostile? I am fed up with people who do not care about being careful. My thought is that no one has to accept my ideas, but what makes them want to make me feel like an idiot for having my ideas.


By now you know who is going to resist your ideas, it seems like you might just have to avoid people like that. We all have the right to choose, that is a freedom we have. We all have the right and obligation at least to treat others with respect.

I think that it was Mother Teresa who said something like people can be all kinds of different ways, love them anyway. It seems like people are just caught up in a bad moment in time, and they will have to decide to how to get through it. We might have influence in some instances over people but that is no guarantee.

Bottom line is do what you need to, and if that makes you feel better, great. No one has to care about your choices, because they are responsible for their own choices. If someone asks, share as much as you like. If no one asks, do not share. Be responsible for your life and let them do the same. I believe we are all struggling to find our safe place, but it is difficult when there are so many conflicting ideas out there. Be respectful and let others do the same if they choose to.

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