Read Exodus 13:17-22

People plan their path, but the Lord secures their steps.

—Proverbs 16:9 (CEB)

Recently, my wife and I set out on a trip to visit one of our daughters for parents’ weekend at her university. Thirty minutes into the trip the brake indicator light began flashing on the dashboard. We made a quick decision to return home and change cars before dropping the first car at the service station on our way out. It turned out that the brakes were fine; however, there was a larger issue with the car that would likely have gotten worse and caused much further damage—possibly even leaving us stranded. I’m not sure why that indicator light came on, but I am glad that it appeared.

Sometimes God gives us “warning lights.” They can come in the form of comments from a friend or a conversation with a stranger or something we hear on the radio or read in a book. It’s good to know that God is with us and guiding us. And if we heed God’s signs, God will lead us on the right path.

Prayer—God of all our steps, thank you for lighting our path and for your presence in our lives. Amen.

Thought for the Day—Whether or not the path makes sense to me, I will follow God. 

—Brian Foster, North Carolina

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