No more coat bumps

Paula Vogelgesang

A reader wrote that they had moved into a home with a wall mounted coat rack. Her kids love the place to hang the coats, but they end up with ‘coat bumps’ on the backs of the coat where it hangs on the rack. She says, “My son’s teacher sent home the solution. She said to fix it, take a rubber ball and cut a slit in it and push it over the hook. The ball spreads out the coat fabric enough so there is no bump.

Cheap drain cleaning

I make my own drain cleaner every two weeks and never have a clogged drain due to not enough water going down. I mix 2 cups of salt with a gallon of very hot water and pour it down the kitchen drain. The salt cleans everything out and it’s cheaper and less harmful than the commercial cleaners.

Disposable sharps containers

We are ranchers and on occasion we have to give a shot to a cow or a calf. That is fine except sometimes it’s hard to dispose of a needle and syringe in the lot. If you are busy, you don’t have time to walk over to the trash and take care of each individual syringe. My wife came up with the idea of using those big plastic spice bottles. They are big enough to hold several needles and syringes at the same time and we can then get rid of the whole lot at one time. Nobody gets poked with a stray needle.

Leg cramp relief

If you get those sharp leg cramps, or as my dad used to call them Charley Horses, a neighbor shared an idea that really works. Take about a cup of dill pickle juice straight from the jar, drink the brine and wait about 15 minutes. The cramp will be gone. This sounds really off the wall, but sometimes cramps hurt so bad you will try anything. I had to use this trick twice in the last year so now I have a jar of dill pickles always in the fridge.

Dryer safety

Please remember to wash that dryer screen with hot soapy water and rinse very well at least every couple of weeks if you use it a lot. The softener can build up on the screen and eventually cause a fire.

Cheap toy chest

We have four children ages 2 to 9 and they always get toys for Christmas. The problem is keeping them sorted by child so there are fewer fights.

My husband’s grandmother gave each one of the kids a new plastic wastebasket for Christmas. She picked the wildest and brightest colors she could find then put a label on each of the wastebaskets. She instructed the kids to put their own toys in the basket when they were done playing in the living room and to put them away in their bedrooms so nobody would break the toys by stepping on them. We are amazed that they still follow her directions and, so far, no broken toys.

No more slimy soap

When I go to wash my hands in a bathroom, it upsets me when the kids leave water in the soap holder and the soap turns to a slimy goo. A friend of mine solved the problem. She said to buy a nail brush and turn it upside down in the soap dish so the wet bar rests on the bristles and the water will drain away.

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