Deodorize fridge insides

Paula Vogelgesang

When you wash out your refrigerator innards, put 1 teaspoon of yellow mustard in your sink full of soapy water. Dip in the scrub rag, wring out and wipe down the inside of the walls and shelves with the mustard rag. Rinse it out fairly often and you will be amazed at how thoroughly it will deodorize the innards of the fridge.

Read the rain gauge

We’ve had a lot of rain this summer and I don’t know why I didn’t send this in sooner. My gauge is out in the yard and since I don’t like to get wet when the ‘other half of the house’ wants to know how much it’s rained—we do this!

I put a few drops of food coloring in the bottom of the gauge and it colors the water so I can see it from the window without getting wet.

Dryer sheet re-use

When you are done using your sleeping bags for the summer season, don’t just fold them up and put them in a plastic bag. First of all, take them outside and hang them on a clothesline, fence rail or deck rail for several hours to air out good so there are no leftover smells in the bags. Take your used dryer sheets and slip one or two into the newly aired sleeping bag and store away for the winter. They will smell good when you go to use them next year.

New use for old pillowcases

Instead of buying a shoe bag or a laundry bag when traveling use an old pillowcase. They work just as well and since you already have that on hand, you don’t need to spend any money! If you are in the habit of carrying a blanket in the vehicle use an old pillowcase to store it. It can also work as a pillow for a small child to lean on. If you have trouble with dust in your house, you can use an old pillowcase to protect an unused fan or even a lamp when they are not being used.

Recycle those big bags

Did you know that those big pet food bags for dogs and cats can be recycled and used again? The same goes for the water softener salt bags and the big birdseed bags as well. I use them as trash can liners. Why pay for something you already have on hand that is going to be discarded anyway?

Sewing hint

As I get older and my eyes aren’t what they used to be, I have trouble threading a needle when I’m trying to sew. A friend of mine told me to put a candle stub in the top drawer of my sewing machine cabinet and draw the end of the thread over the candle wax. It stiffens the thread and makes it so much easier for me to get it through the needle.

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