Black marks on the floor

Paula Vogelgesang

If your kitchen chairs have metal legs and are leaving black marks on the floor, try putting some wax on the bottoms of the chair legs and let it dry real well before you set the chairs back up. In fact, I usually put two coats on. I find that this cuts down considerably on the black marks on my floor and waxing my floor also helps the problem.

Picture hanging hint

If you have some large pictures to hang on your walls, wrap a piece of adhesive tape around the middle of the wire on the back of the picture. The tape will keep the picture from slipping on the nail on the wall. This works really well for those large portrait pictures or the longer kind of landscape pictures.

Floral display

I have a lot of beautiful flowers in my yard this year thanks to all of the rain, but when I cut a batch for the table, they look sloppy in the vase. A friend who works in a flower shop shared this hint with me. She said take some clear tape and stretch it in several directions across the top of the vase. When you set the rose stems in, they can’t all fall to one side and my peony blossoms stayed upright. I will be using this idea all summer as the lilies and zinnias are about ready to bloom and I love to share my flowers with elderly friends who can no longer garden.

Flower pot coaster

Instead of buying the commercial flower pot coasters, just use some of the lids from coffee cans, shortening lids, ice cream bucket lids, etc. They are plastic, have a rim to catch any stray water and are free when you’ve used the original items.

Stain holder

When you have a difficult stain to scrub out, try using an old embroidery hoop to hold the fabric taut so you can really scrub. It really does help.

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