Paula Vogelgesang

Tots' treasures

Keep a little cloth bag packed with special treasures/toys for toddlers to be used only at special times such as visiting the doctor’s office or even to church. The little one will be kept quiet with the “new” toys to play with.

Stay-put buttons

To keep buttons from coming off of a new shirt or blouse, just put a drop of clear nail polish right in the middle of each button and let it dry before wearing the garment for the first time, the thread will be sealed off and will wear longer. I use this hint all the time as I get really disgusted when I lose a button off of a blouse and there are no buttons like it to be found anywhere. I can’t tell you how many times I had to change the buttons on a work blouse or shirt because I’d lost one until someone gave me this hint.

Easy liners

I use several sheets of clean typing paper when I reline my dresser drawers. Then when the top sheet gets soiled, I just toss it away and there is always a clean surface underneath—besides, you can buy 500 sheets of typing paper at most stores for under $5. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Pin cushion stuffing

Dry coffee grounds can be used to stuff a pincushion. The needles and pins won’t rust in coffee grounds.

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