Spring clean your home or apartment with safety in mind. An older friend always put items on the upstairs steps to avoid making so many trips. Sounds like a good idea but not a safe one. Pick up any items that are on the stairs and objects that are on the floor. It’s too easy to trip and fall on these stray items.

Inspect your flashlights and replace the batteries in them. Check the batteries regularly. Keep a flashlight in the basement too. Implement some of the following tips to make your living area safer.


Difficult to get up out of bed? Consider having someone install risers to elevate your bed.

Get rid of scatter rugs.

Be sure all electrical cords have been cleared from paths.

Turn on a lamp before leaving bed to light up the path to the bathroom.

Install nightlights in the hallway.

Test your smoke detector to be sure it is working.


Inspect your bathmats and rugs to be sure the non-skid backing is not worn.

Have someone install secure grab bars for support when getting in and out of the tub or shower.

Avoid using towel racks or shower curtain rods as grab bars.

Consider purchasing a raised toilet seat or installing grab bars for ease in getting up and down.

Standing in a shower getting more difficult? Purchase an adjustable-height shower chair.

Install a handheld showerhead.

Have you turned down the water temperature on your hot water heater to 120 degrees to prevent scalding?

Keep the bathroom door unlocked in case you fall.

Live alone? Consider taking your cell phone or cordless phone into the bathroom.

Other safety tips

Make sure handrails are on both sides of the stairs if possible and are as long as the stairs.

Hold onto the rail when going up and down stairs.

Inspect other handrails to be sure they are secure or if need to be replaced.

Change to lever-type door handles if door knobs are harder to open.

Invest in a step stool with a bar if you need to reach up high. Never use a chair as a step stool.

Make safety your motto as you do your spring cleaning.

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