An estimated 130,000 total acres were seeded in Wyoming in the fall of 2019 for harvest in 2020. Cowboy was the most popular winter wheat variety seeded in Wyoming for the 2020 crop with 16.8% of the reported winter wheat acreage. SY Monument was second followed by Warhorse. The data for this release was collected from the 2019 December Ag Survey and the 2019 County Agricultural Production Survey conducted by the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Mountain Regional Field Office.

Cowboy was most popular variety for the second consecutive year accounting for 16.8% of the reported acres planted for harvest in 2020. SY Monument remained the second most popular variety at 13.9%, and Warhorse moved up from sixth place to third place at 7.3% of reported acres for the 2020 winter wheat crop. The next leading varieties with enough producer reports for publication separately were SY Wolf, SY Spur, Buckskin, Brawl CL Plus, and Willow Creek, at 6.4%, 5.5%, 5.4%, 3.9%, and 1.8% of the reported acreage, respectively. AP 503 CL2, Breck, Canvas, Pronghorn, WB 4269, and WB 4462 each had 1% or more of the reported seeded acreage but are not published separately to avoid disclosure of individual operations and are included in the Others category.


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