July 2021

By Paula Castle, Jet, Oklahoma.

For the week ending July 11, USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service reported the following winter wheat crop conditions.

Kansas: Winter wheat harvested was 85%, behind 93% last year, and near 89% for the five-year average.

Colorado: Statewide, the winter wheat crop was rated 54% good to excellent, compared to 21% good to excellent last year and 54% on average.

Nebraska: Winter wheat condition rated 4% very poor, 8% poor, 30% fair, 47% good, and 11% excellent. Winter wheat harvested was 23%, well behind 45% last year, and behind 40% average.

South Dakota: Winter wheat condition rated 21% very poor, 37% poor, 34% fair, 8% good, and 0% excellent. Winter wheat harvested was 16%, ahead of 4% last year, and near 12% average.

Texas: Winter wheat harvested for grain reached 94%, down 6 points from the previous year and down 2 points from normal.

Wyoming: Wheat condition rated 4% very poor, 10% poor, 69% fair, 17% good, and 0% excellent.

Montana: Wheat condition rated 17% very poor, 33% poor, 22% fair, 22% good, and 6% excellent.

Missouri: Winter wheat harvested for grain was 88%, compared to the 5-year average of 95%.

Arkansas: Winter wheat harvest is 100% complete.

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