2020 new crop sunflower prices continue to roll out at the crush plants. A week ago the ADM Goodland crush plant announced that Act of God contracts are available for the 2020 crop year. NuSun is at $17.00 with high oleic at $18.25. Nearby prices at the crush plants ended the week mixed at unchanged to up 10 cents. Also, USDA released its latest grain stocks report. USDA reported old crop sunflower stocks in all positions on Sept. 1, 2019, totaled 286 million pounds, down 26 percent from a year ago.

All stocks stored on farms totaled 65.7 million pounds and off-farm stocks totaled 220 million pounds. Stocks of oil type sunflower seed are 216 million pounds; of this total, 60.8 million pounds are on-farm stocks and 155 million pounds are off-farm stocks. Non-oil sunflower stocks totaled 70.4 million pounds, with 4.92 million pounds stored on the farm and 65.4 million pounds stored off the farm. On Oct. 10 USDA will give its first estimate of 2019 U.S. harvested sunflower acres and production. In states reporting crop conditions, the crop is being rated at 69 to 76 percent good to excellent condition. However, significant above normal rainfall in September in the Dakotas and Minnesota could affect overall production and crop quality. Several days of warm dry weather will be needed before harvest can begin in most areas.

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