The Montana State University Pesticide Education Program, with assistance from the Montana Department of Agriculture, is offering a pest management tour for pesticide applicators at eight locations across southwestern Montana from Oct. 7 to 10.

Speakers will present on a variety of topics, including managing rodents; invasive grass management; weeds and wildfire; crop insect pest management; submitting pest samples for management recommendations; plant disease; reading the product label; understanding the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard; and a short pesticide education update. Presentations vary by location.

Representatives speaking on the tour include Cecil Tharp, MSU pesticide education specialist; Tim Seipel, MSU cropland weed specialist; Jane Mangold, MSU invasive plant specialist; Kevin Wanner, MSU crop insect pest specialist; Mary Burrows, MSU plant pathologist; Tonda Moon, MDA District 1 officer; Stephen Vantassel, MDA vertebrate pest specialist; and Theresa Schrum, MDA District 2 officer.

Private applicators can attend morning or afternoon sessions for three credits or both sessions for six credits. Commercial applicator credits can be viewed on the last page of the 2019 Pest Management Tour agenda at

Those in the state’s Private Applicator Training District 2 need to earn six private applicator credits before Jan. 1, 2020, to avoid losing their private applicator certification, according to Tharp. District 2 counties include Granite, Beaverhead, Madison, Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, Powell, Silver Bow, Deer Lodge, Broadwater, Gallatin, Meagher and Park counties. Applicators can check their credits at Applicators can also contact their county MSU Extension office for license information.

The tour stops are as follows:

Oct. 7 in Dillion at Beaverhead County 4-H Building, 835 S. Railroad. Register by contacting Jessica Murray with Beaverhead County Extension at 406-683-3785 or There is no fee and lunch is not provided.

Oct. 7 in Sheridan at Episcopal Church, 101-14101 W. Poppelton St. Register by contacting Kaleena Miller with Madison/Jefferson County Extension at 406-287-3282 or There is no fee and lunch is provided.

Oct. 8 in Anaconda at Donivan’s Restaurant, 211 E. Park Ave. Register by contacting Kimberly Richardson, Deer Lodge County Extension, at 406-563-4035 or Cost is $10 and lunch is provided.

Oct. 8 in Deer Lodge at Powell County Community Center, 416 Cottonwood Ave. Register by contacting Amy Bowser with MSU Pesticide Education at 406-994-5178 or There is no fee and lunch is not provided.

Oct. 9 in Helena at Jorgenson’s Inn and Suites, 1720 11th Ave. Register by contacting Amy Bowser with MSU Pesticide Education at 406-994-5178 or There is no fee and lunch is not provided.

Oct. 9 in Townsend at Broadwater County Fairgrounds, 4-H Building, 189 U.S. Highway 12 E. Register with Allison Kosto with Broadwater County Extension at 406-266-9242 or Cost is $15 and lunch is provided.

Oct. 10 in Bozeman at Gallatin County Fairgrounds, 901 N. Black Ave., Building #2. Register by contacting Josh Bilbao with Gallatin County Extension at 406-582-3280 or Cost is $20 and lunch is provided.

Oct. 10 in Livingston at Yellowstone Pioneer Lodge, 1515 W. Park St. Register with Melissa Tecca with Park County Extension at 406-222-4156 or Cost is $10 for half-day, $20 for full day, and lunch is not provided.

Registration should be completed by Oct. 2. To register, contact the county Extension office where the event will occur or online at

A detailed program agenda is available online at Information is also available from local Extension agents. For other questions, contact Tharp at 406-994-5067 or

The MSU Extension Pesticide Education Program is an educational program promoting the proper use of pesticides to protect public health and the environment. The program supports all applicators, businesses and homeowners by combining educational resources and knowledge from scientists, governmental agencies and the public.

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