National Sorghum Producers and the Sorghum Checkoff are working diligently to provide information on sorghum to growers looking for plant options who have been impacted by adverse weather.

As wet conditions persist for farmers across the U.S., producers calculating options as major crop plant deadlines loom need to keep the following considerations in mind when planting grain sorghum.

Grain sorghum can typically be planted later than other crops, and sorghum is a lower risk option, specifically as it relates to seed costs. For example, sorghum seed typically costs $9 to $18 per acre depending on seeding rate, while corn seed typically costs $55 to $110 an acre depending on seeding rate and traits. Harvest costs are often lower, as well. The shortage of all feed grains continues to drive up grain prices. Growers should also consider that current guidance from USDA shows in order to collect a Market Facilitation Program payment, farmers must plant a program crop or alfalfa. Final plant dates for crop insurance vary by region, but growers can contact their local insurance agent for insurance coverage and options. Sorghum also works well as a cover behind prevented planting, and resources on this provision are available from the USDA Risk Management Agency.

Additional agronomic and marketing resources, including information on Sorghum Management Following a Wet Winter and SpringPre-emergence Weed ControlFertilizing Grain SorghumSeeding Rate, sorghum marketing connections and Sorghum Checkoff marketing staff, are available at For information on local bids or additional information, producers can contact National Sorghum Producers at 800-658-9808.

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