ICM, Inc., Colwich, Kansas, has completed the first installation of its proprietary Advanced Processing Package for Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy, LLC (Prairie Horizon) in Phillipsburg, Kansas.

The Advanced Processing Package empowers ethanol plants to diversify their product offerings, thereby increasing revenues. The package includes four proprietary ICM technologies: Patented Selective Milling Technology, patented Fiber Separation Technology, patent-pending Feed Optimization Technology and patent-pending Thin Stillage Solids Separation System.

The APP positions plants with the capability to produce PROTOMAX, a yeast-enriched 50% protein feed that benefits a wide range of animals, such as cattle, fish and pets.

“We recognize that diversifying our product offerings is key to revenue growth for our plant. This package efficiently enables us to add a higher-value animal feed to our product offerings and allows us the opportunity to enter new markets,” said Joe Kreutzer, general manager for Prairie Horizon.

Added efficiency is also an advantage. “The APP process removes corn fiber before fermentation,” said Tom Ranallo, ICM vice president of operations. “The fiber bypasses the ethanol process and advances the more valuable components for further processing downstream. This approach results in a more energy efficient process and plants benefit from lower ongoing operational costs.”

The APP technology package also takes advantage of the current ICM dryers already installed across the industry. “More than 150 plants across North America have our dryers at their plants. Adding APP results in significantly less capital investment when compared to other offerings,” Ranallo said.

Installation of the APP system at Prairie Horizon has gone as planned.

“They’ve been a great customer to work with through this process,” said Chris Mitchell, ICM president. “We’re looking forward to continuing our relationship and seeing how ICM’s technologies enhance their business.”

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