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“In the United States we spend more money per patient than any country in the world yet our overall health ranks 47th in the world.”

That is a direct quote from Dr. Nathan Bryan, the world’s foremost authority on nitric oxide production. He recently joined me on Rural Route Radio because a dear family member suffered a mini stroke. Today she is doing great but the prescriptions she was given as therapy set me off.

When the doctor prescribes you a statin and you agree to take it, you might as well think of it as the beginning of the end, in a slow, painful death. Those are my words but Dr. Bryan went as to say it is a toxin to the body and the root cause of most of our public health demise.

He went on to say that the overall medical community has come to the conclusion that cholesterol levels of 200 or below are ideal. He is a part of the medical community and has taught in a medical school for 12 years but he believes that perception is a severe problem. What I have marveled at since I became a student of the cardiovascular system is how cholesterol is looked at as the evil entity. Have we not asked ourselves the basic question, “Why do we have cholesterol to begin with?” Cholesterol is a very important precursor to several important healthy components that are essential for a healthy life.

Cholesterol is a major component of all cell membranes and is used to make essential molecules such as hormones, fat-soluble vitamins, and bile acids that help you digest your food. Bryan reminds us that vitamin D, testosterone and estrogen, just to name a few, are key components that cholesterol is responsible for producing. You know as well as I do that once the doctor places you on a statin, which ties up cholesterol, it will be the first in a long list of drugs that you will need to take, mostly to try to compensate for what the statin messed up.

The one that Bryan is most passionate about is nitric oxide. In fact, he went so far as to say on this particular radio program that unless you are born with a certain condition, all diseases are preventable. In fact, if you eliminate the toxins in your body, including statins, your body is amazing at healing itself. In animal husbandry we know well that if we overload an animal’s system with too many drugs at once, it does not respond and then becomes a chronic problem. Yet we expect our family members to be different. I ask you to tell me about one person who started taking a statin and only takes a statin.

For me, a person who has provided daily care for a million animals in my lifetime, it is very frustrating that we have the healthiest animal population in all species in the history of animal production and our human population struggles. We struggle from ignorance and financial models that put profits above people. Let me back up; I am a capitalist and have always supported the fact that it was capitalism that created the greatest lifestyle choices any human population has ever had but we have become sheeple. Why don’t we use common sense? Why don’t we ask more questions instead of just take things at face value?

With all of that said, I truly believe that since the day I met Bryan 16 years ago in Chicago that more people than ever understand the value of dietary nitrates and nitric oxide. I once told him that in our lifetime food companies will market food “enhanced with nitrate” instead of demonizing it. In the meantime, it is sad the number of families who experience human health sacrifices simply based on “how the system works.”

Our beloved family member who suffered the mini stroke is home and gaining strength every day on her road to getting back to normal. She is fortunate to be surrounded with family members who do become educated on the real science involved in healthy living and not simply the latest trend shared at the last medical doctor convention. And she is fortunate to have family that understands and believes in the power of nitric oxide supplements so that she can fend off any future issues of this nature.

The moral of the story is that you can enhance your life with wholesome foods, the avoidance of toxins and by surrounding yourself with loved ones who take the time to learn the real, science-based story around healthy living.

Editor’s note: Trent Loos is a sixth generation United States farmer, host of the daily radio show, Loos Tales, and founder of Faces of Agriculture, a non-profit organization putting the human element back into the production of food. Get more information at, or email Trent at

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