A conversation with my 17-year-old daughter last night included her telling me where her friends were going on spring break. It included Florida, Arizona, Texas, the Bahamas, and Jamaica (and not the one in Iowa).

While her brother is on spring break this week because he goes to a different school than she, her spring break is Good Friday and the Monday after Easter. I agree with this plan a lot more than having a whole week off, but I'm not part of the deciding board. Her brother is at his dad's for the week, helping with the cattle every day.

Sure it would be nice to be able to spend spring break in a warmer environment, relaxing and doing nothing, but we live on a farm and have cattle to care for. When I reminded her of that, she knew this is where we had to be. Life on the farm is what we know, it's what we love, and even if it's not always glamorous or warm, it is what we do.

When I was growing up on our farm, we were calving cows in March and April also. This was part of our livelihood and I knew that. I didn't even think about going elsewhere. Working side by side with my dad was something I loved to do. I learned something new every time and I'm glad he taught me those life lessons. These are the life lessons my children will learn from their dad and I.


My parents, who are now retired, enjoy spending time in warmer climates in the winter months. They both worked hard for many years to be able to earn that. But when it's calving season on the farm for me, leaving, even for a short amount of time, doesn't happen very often. It's an exciting time, a time of lack of sleep and sometimes a time of disappointment, but it is my favorite time of the year.

While some are relaxing on a beach, my kids are helping on the farm, seeing the miracle of life. They have the choice when they are adults, what career path they will take. As for now they're going to learn the life lessons you can only learn on the farm. 

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