I have to say one of my all-time favorite songs is "Don't Stop Believin,'" which starts out "Just a small town girl..." That's exactly what I am. A small town, Iowa girl. What does it mean to be a small town, Iowa girl?

Being from a small rural town means you and likely many of your friends rely on agriculture in more than one way. In my small community, that would include being a farmer, working at the grain cooperative in town, or working at an ethanol plant, working at a bank or insurance company, a veterinary office or for an agricultural organization. 

Being from a small rural town means you are involved in all the activities in school so there are enough kids for the FFA conduct of meetings team, the basketball team, the softball team, the soprano section of the choir, and the 4-H club officer committee.

My small town

Being from a small rural town means you know your neighbors, you know who's cows are out if you see some in the wrong place, you know there will be tractors on the road nearly any time of year, you know the driver of the truck coming toward you on the road will likely give you the farmer wave, and you know when you take an animal to the salebarn the person unloading will know you by name.

Being from a small rural town means everyone will help celebrate accomplishments, mourn during a loss and be there no matter what kind of help you need. 

Being from a small rural town means love and family. Whether your small rural town is in Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana, or Pennsylvania, people care and I'm so glad I can raise my family in a small rural town.

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