This morning as I was finishing cattle chores at the farm, I took a minute and looked around. It's December 2, and while there are very few leaves hanging on to the trees, the grass is still mostly green.

December 2nd? So that means it's about three weeks until Christmas? Eeks! My kids like to get the Christmas tree up as soon after Thanksgiving as possible. I have to say, I have enjoyed our little tree the past few days. But it's December in Iowa and my cows are still grazing cornstalks and green pastures and I haven't set out a bale of hay yet.

I realize I shouldn't be saying anything about weather because it will change tomorrow and there is snow in the forecast. I have been thinking about the weather a lot lately. A friend pointed out that it seems the weather in central Iowa is shifting and it stays warmer longer into December, while it's colder longer into April.


Climate change and weather has always been something that baffles me. Global warming? Is it really real? And if the climate is changing, should we be looking at making shifts in managing crops? These are all questions that I'm sure are out there for many other people besides me.

For now, I'm going to enjoy the decent weather we are experiencing because those who know me, know I really dislike winter.

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