This week’s edition highlights a partnership we have with companies that help farmers and ranchers to be the most efficient producers in the world.


No doubt the past several years have been challenging for producers and those who supply them with products and services they need to succeed. Farmers and ranchers have seen market access change with trade wars. Those who build the products recognize producers need to be efficient, as they have also been challenged with trying to estimate and project demand while balancing raw material costs.

The beauty of our Ag Solutions edition, which had so many submissions we are including more in the Oct. 14 edition, is that it allows farmers and ranchers to look at products and services they can use. It is refreshing, too, to find that innovation has not taken a day off. In fact, many companies dedicate a significant investment of their revenues and earmark it for research and development as a way to keep up with farmers and ranchers.

Customer needs vary by region and state and yet as one looks through this edition a farmer and rancher will find companies that treat each one of them as the most important customer they have. As producers take up the challenge to feed a hungry and growing population around the world they recognize that the only way to do so is to improve efficiency and increase their bottom line. For farmers and ranchers to be able to take advantage of efficiencies they have to see their incomes improve too.

Although today’s economic climate is tough, producers understand one of the beauties of the free enterprise system is that it leads to innovation.

A year ago, Carl Bern, who recently retired as a professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, noted that precision agriculture is the next great frontier. He was grounded on the basic concept that innovation increases operating efficiency and that is the key to staying profitable, particularly in periods of low commodity prices. 

In looking through this year’s list of contributors to our annual edition, technology is at the forefront once again. The list also includes mainstays with a commitment to existing products. As farmers and ranchers head into the busy fall season they will also have an eye for 2020. Successful producers find ways to improve at least one aspect of their operation, which has to be based on putting a pencil and paper to the equation.

The companies and firms that have provided product announcements have a unifying purpose: to help producers have the most up-to-date information so they can make the right decisions with confidence it will help improve efficiency and profitability. Regardless of the size of the company, innovators are finding a better way, and farmers and ranchers are the beneficiaries of that commitment.

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