The combined sales volume of Wyoming, western Nebraska and western North and South Dakota auctions for the week ending August. 5, totaled 4,400 head, compared to 9,150 head last week and 3,975 head last year, according to the USDA Market News Service, Torrington, Wyo.

Steers and heifers were lightly tested at Wyoming auctions this week. Demand was moderate. In the direct trade comparable steer and heifer sales generally steady with last week. Direct trade, demand, and buyer inquiry were moderate. Offerings were moderate to heavy. Continued interest noted for fall contracting of calves and yearlings. Unless otherwise noted direct prices are current FOB with a 2 to 3% shrink or equivalent and with a 5 to 10 cent slide on calves and 3 to 6 cents slide on yearlings from base weight. Steers made up approximately 55% of the supply, heifers 45%, with 85% over 600 pounds. Direct sales accounted for 4100 head of the total receipts.

Steers: Auctions, Medium and large frame 1, 730 lbs., 114.25. Medium and large frame 3, 710 lbs., 78.00. Direct, Medium to large frame 1, FOB price, 440 lbs., 146.00 August; 485 lbs., 143.00 October/November; 500 lbs., 130.00 October; 750 lbs., 117.00 current; 850 lbs., 111.00 current; 875 lbs., 110.00 September; value added 900 lbs., 115.00 September; 945 to 950 lbs., 106.00 to 108.00 current; 950 lbs., 106.50 August/September. Delivered price, 750 lbs., 118.00 current.

Heifers: Auctions, Medium and large frame 1, 810 lbs., 104.75; 960 to 995 lbs., 99.75 to 101.75. Direct, Medium to large frame 1, FOB price, 460 lbs., 133.00 October/November; 500 lbs., 124.00 October. Delivered price, 690 lbs., 112.50 current; 775 lbs., 110.00 current.

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