The combined sales volume at Wyoming, western Nebraska and western North and South Dakota auctions for the week ending June 23 totaled 5,000 head, compared to 3,660 head last week and 5,250 last year, according to the USDA Market News Service, Torrington, WY.

At the auctions, steers and heifers were not well tested, due to seasonal receipts. Direct sales were steady to $1 lower. Steers made up approximately 26% of the run and heifers 74%. Steers and heifers weighing more than 600 pounds totaled 97%. Direct sales accounted for 4,510 head of the total receipts.

Feeder steers: Auctions, medium and large frame 1, 285 lbs., 139.00; 960 lbs., 79.00. Medium and large frame 1 and 2, 590 lbs., 108.00; 785 lbs., 90.00. Direct sales, medium and large frame 1, 625 lbs., 100.00 August-September; 850 lbs., 89.00 August-September; 875 lbs., 88.50 July; 900 lbs., 88.50 August-September delivery.

Feeder heifers: Auctions, medium and large frame 1, 830 to 900 lbs., 80.75 to 86.25; 930 lbs., 82.50. Medium and large frame 1 and 2, 510 to 560 lbs., 102.75 to 107.00; 610 to 670 lbs., 95.00 to 104.50. Direct sales, medium and large frame 1, 775 lbs., 88.00; 825 lbs., 87.00 August-September; 825 lbs., 88.00 September-October delivery.

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