IMC Global Operations, Inc., Lake Forest, IL, recently updated the site The site now offers growers soil fertility information and advice tailored to specific regions in the United States.

In addition, the site includes new information about fall fertilization and interactive educational activities, as well as an online version of the Efficient Fertilizer Use manual. The manual educates farmers about maximizing profits through soil sampling, understanding the roles of nutrients and by practicing sound fertilizer applications techniques.

"We encourage growers to take advantage of the site's educational and region-specific agronomic information," said Ray Hoyum, vice president of market development and communications, IMC Global. "While it doesn't replace the advice of local fertilizer dealers or other soil fertility experts, it is one more way to learn how maintaining proper soil fertility levels can help reduce the number of factors that may cut into efficient production and profits."

For more information, circle B on the Reader Reply Coupon, or call 847-739-1200.

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