The Water Lady, Albuquerque, N.M., announces the inline water conditioner is now available to agricultural clients.

The water conditioner can save more water and offers deeper irrigation penetration in fields.

Groundwater and municipal water supplies are frequently electron deficient and not often in optimum states of electromechanical equilibrium. The inline catalytic conditioner provides electrons to the water catalytically, and mitigates electron deficiencies.

Conditioned water is similarly less reactive in soil and percolates more readily than untreated water, making conditioned water better available for root uptake in horticultural or agricultural applications. When used for irrigation, conditioned water is absorbed more thoroughly into soil, reducing evaporation.

Presently, Roosevelt County, N.M., is comparing two corn fields, one with conditioned water and one without. The difference will be corn with low moisture and high sugar. The Water Lady also has a test unit on New Mexico State University's experimental vineyard in Los Lunas, N.M.

The Water Lady also announces a catalytic fuel conditioner that will save diesel fuel. It works on the principle that it initiates an electrochemical reactions with the fuel molecule passing through it. This makes the energy in the fuel more readily available for combustion. It benefits by increasing rpms, cleans spark plugs, removes carbon build-up, improves injection performance and reduces unburned emissions.

For more information, call 505-660-4162, or visit

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