"I want to do everything possible to represent the nation's corn growers," says Texas Corn Producers Board (TCPB) Director Dee Vaughan, who was nominated by National Corn Growers Association's (NCGA) Corn board to be the organization's president-elect.

Vaughan, who hails from Dumas, serves on the NCGA Corn Board, and is board liaison to the NCGA Public Policy Action Team. He also chairs the NCGA Trade Task Force that works to coordinate policy with NCGA's legislative strategy, to promote the export of corn and increase the dollar value that producers receive for their product. Recently, he visited the European Union (EU) to discuss biotechnology with European agriculture ministers and producers.

Being elected president-elect starts a three-year process of NCGA leadership. The first year is spent as president-elect, the second year is spent as NCGA president and in the third and final year, the elected grower is the chairman of the corn board. A delegation of the nation's corn growers will ratify the nomination in July, at NCGA's Corn Congress, in Washington, DC.

TCPB Chairman Joe Reed said, "We are proud of Vaughan and the efforts he is making within our national organization."

Vaughan has served as a TCPB director for six years and has been its secretary-treasurer for the past two year. He also serves as a director for the Corn Producers Association of Texas (CPAT).

While farm bill implementation takes shape, Vaughan points to the future as NCGA concentrates on Trade Promotion Authority, value-added and the Renewable Fuels Standard.

Vaughan has farmed corn, soybeans, wheat , sorghum and various grains for seed for 23 years, with his wife, Terri.

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