Goat production, as well as the interest in raising goats, has increased dramatically in southwest Missouri over the past few years.

In fact, the demand for goat meat is greater than the current supply of meat goats in this area according to Stacey Hamilton, dairy specialist, University of Missouri Extension.

"The added benefit of raising meat type goats is the brush and weed control," said Hamilton. "A reduced need for herbicides and mowing can be accomplished with appropriate stocking rates."

Many producers also co-mingle goats with cattle to give the potential for added income per acre without sacrificing cattle performance. Although both species are ruminants, the goat is a browser and prefers to consume woody type forages rather than more succulent grasses and legumes which cattle prefer.

For more information on upcoming meat goat production meetings, contact Barbara Holaday of Rogersville at 417-886-1266. You might also visit the Missouri Meat Goat Producers Association online at www.meatgoatproducers.com.

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