WASHINGTON (B)--United States Department of Agriculture announced April 5 that it is providing 110,000 tonnes of wheat flour and an additional 35,000 tonnes of wheat as part of a major food aid package to Yemen for fiscal 2000.

According to a USDA source, the U.S. is also providing 12,000 tonnes of rice, 10,000 tonnes of soymeal and 10,000 tonnes of nonfat dry milk to Yemen under the 416b program. All of the commodities--except for the nonfat dry milk--will be purchased on the open market.

USDA has been sporadically announcing 416b grants during meetings with recipient countries, such as food aid to Bangladesh during President Bill Clinton's recent visit there and the Yemen package as a delegation from Sana'a was visiting Washington.

There is no formal schedule for further 416b announcements, according to the USDA source.

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