The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced 39 appointments to the Cattlemens Beef Promotion and Research Board.

All appointees will serve three-year terms beginning Feb. 9, 2002.

The board is composed of 110 members representing 37 states, three units and importers. USDA selects appointees from cattle producers and importers nominated by organizations representing beef, dairy, veal, and importer interests.

Appointed members representing cattle producers by state and unit are:

S. Wayne Thames, Alabama; Leland R. Jackson, Arkansas; Dolores T. Lacey and David R. Albers, California; Michael A. Thoren, Colorado; G. Andrew Tucker Jr., Florida; A. Harvey Lemmon, Georgia; Carl G. Crabtree, Idaho; Steven L. Foglesong, Illinois;.

Orn P. Sharma, Indiana; Nancy C. Pellett and Bill B. Scheitler, Iowa; Tracy L. Brunner and Howard H. Woodbury, Kansas; W. Nelson Curry II, Kentucky; Douglas O. Dickmann, Minnesota; C. Tom Sites and A. Loretta Broderick, Missouri; Carol M. Mosher, Montana;.

Sharon E. Flaming and John R. McFadden, Nebraska; Robert C. Howland, New York; Theresa E. Tokach, North Dakota; Howard J. Foster, Ohio; Michael E. Brooks and Paul G. Jackson, Oklahoma; Peggy J. Biaggi, Oregon; Robert S. Thomson, Jr., Pennsylvania;.

Ralph D. Jones, South Dakota; Stephen G. Worley, Tennessee; Jean C. Walker, J. Jay OBrien, Linda J. Stovall, Charles R. Sherron, and F. Verlin Callahan, Texas; Jerry A. Burner, Virginia; William L. Ehrke, Wisconsin; and Joan M. Harder, Northwest Unit.

Matthew D. Wineinger is appointed to represent importers.

USDAs Agricultural Marketing Service monitors operation of the board.

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