Take a trip to any grocery store and you will see entire aisles dedicated to extruded products such as cereals, snacks, pastas, pet foods, and pet treats. These products account for billions of dollars in annual sales worldwide. The Food Processing Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is presenting an Extrusion Workshop Oct. 11 to 13 specifically designed for the food industry.

"The three-day Extrusion Workshop is an introductory, hands-on workshop combining extrusion theory and techniques with pilot plant exercises emphasizing real-world product development in a variety of food categories. The workshop combines lectures and pilot plant demonstrations which allows attendees to learn, actively participate and observe extrusion equipment in operation," explained Steve Weier, Food Processing Center general pilot plant manager.

Wenger, located in Sabetha Kan., is a leading manufacturer of extrusion equipment. Experts from Wenger and UNL faculty and staff will present lectures and interactive sessions to workshop participants. UNL is one of only a few universities that offer extrusion technology to the food industry and it is anticipated that food industry professionals from throughout the country will attend this workshop.

The Food Processing Center is nationally recognized for its support of the food industry since 1983. The center has provided technical and business assistance to hundreds of manufacturers throughout the country and in many foreign countries. This in-depth knowledge and assistance to the industry has allowed them to develop a conference specifically targeted to the issues small food manufacturers encounter every day.

Early registration is encouraged for the workshop due to limited space. For more information contact: Jill Gifford at 402-472-2819 or, or visit

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