WASHINGTON (B)--U.S. and European Union officials, meeting at the White House on Dec. 17, agreed that there is a need for the World Trade Organization to meet again in attempt to launch successfully a new trade round. The U.S. and EU leaders, however, did not resolve any of their long-standing trade disputes, and EU official told reporters.

"There was agreement that we have to make the next WTO meeting a success," the EU official said on a condition of anonymity.

Early this month in Seattle, the WTO failed an attempt to launch a new round aimed at liberalizing global trade.

The official also said the U.S. and EU leaders on Dec. 17 agreed that they need to concentrate more on opening a "dialogue" with developing countries on addressing their concerns over liberalized trade.

The U.S. and EU have had long running disputes over a number of trade issues including the EU's banana regime and aviation concerns. President Bill Clinton met with EU leaders for about two hours as part of a semi-annual meeting.

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