U.S. Rep. Bill Barrett, R-NE, has announced the House Resources Committee has favorably reported his bill, HR 2984, to transfer ownership of the Sargent and Farwell Irrigation Districts and the Loup Basin Reclamation District to the districts.

The House is expected to take up the bill in the near future.

"Some have asked if I am slowing down during my last year in Congress. The answer is an emphatic no. I have too much I want to do before leaving Washington. Seeing this title transfer bill become law is one of those things. It definitely is a top priority," Barrett said.

HR 2984 would transfer ownership of the three districts from the Bureau of Reclamation to the districts. The districts have pursued title transfer since 1994, when they decided not to renegotiate their contracts with the bureau. In 1999, all of the parties involved signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the details of the transfer and outlining how the districts will be operated in the future. HR 2984 reflects the principles of the memorandum.

"All the time and effort put into title transfer is beginning to pay off. Each day, I become more excited about the prospects of seeing this bill through to furition sooner, rather than later. I know the districts must be feeling the same," Barrett commented.

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