This year is almost over and, like most years, not everything has been completed.

When members of Congress return to business, they have some very important issues to resolve, and resolve quickly.

The Senate needs to get its leadership in order and move forward on important legislation.

Since the Congress recessed for the November election, the drought, in many areas of the High Plains, has not subsided. Many crop and livestock producers still are in dire economic straights, and need additional assistance from Congress to survive.

The House of Representatives must fold its new members in quickly and then give Senate members a shove to move more quickly on important legislation.

And the President should take an afternoon to review this nation's growing economic woes--specifically the economic problems facing working and unemployed Americans--taxes and the fair distribution of those taxes back to the states, county and city units of government and individuals.

Let's also hope that normal weather conditions return, crop and livestock producer have bountiful harvests and that American agricultural goods once again are being sold to nations around the world.

2003 can be a better year than 2002, but it will require everyone to forget self serving politics and do what is right for the nation and its citizens. We can make changes for the betterment of mankind. We do not have to stumble along in the footsteps of the past.

Many good things can occur in the coming year. We must identify those problems areas that require immediate help. And when those problems have been solved, we must move on to fix the other problems.

Next year does not have to be a repeat of 2002. We can change most things, if we have the resolve to identify the problems and do something about them. Let's make 2003 a year of solutions, not additional problems.

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